Allen Bertram Memorial Scholarship Fund– Established in memory of Allen Bertram, to provide a scholarship to a student form the Brimley Area Schools, who have been accepted at an accredited college, university or technical school.

Brimley Lions Club Scholarship Fund– Established by the Brimley Lions Club and provides scholarships to students from the Brimley Area School District.

Dorothy Wilson Memorial Scholarship– Established to provide for scholarships to graduating seniors from the Brimley Area Schools, who have been accepted at an accredited college, university or technical school.

Gordon A. Newland Family Scholarship Fund Established in memory of Gordon A. Newland to provide a scholarship to a student from the Brimley Area Schools.


John & Charlotte Firack Family Scholarship in Memory of Beverly Ann FirackEstablished by the Firack family and awarded to a DeTour Student.  

Mynor W. Seaman Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Established by Jim Hamilton, the DeTour High School Class of 1959 and the Seaman Family in memory of Mynor W. Seaman Jr.

The Alex H. Stevenson and Ellen E.  Stevenson Memorial Scholarship Fund- This scholarship will be awarded to a Pickford student that shows financial need based on the student’s FAFSA and financial information form.

Charles A. Pennington Memorial Scholarship: Established by Mary Jane Pennington, Charles’ sister, to promote the ingenuity Charlie possessed. This scholarship will support high school graduates that want to pursue a career in the skilled trades field. The scholarship will provide funding to post-high school career training/education up through and including an Associate’s Degree. Preference will be given to students from Pickford that demonstrate financial need.

Doug and Jean Batho Memorial Scholarship Fund– Established by Mr. Doug Batho. The scholarship(s) will be awarded to student(s) graduating from Pickford High School. Preferences will be given to those students enrolling in mortuary science, retailing, or in recognition of Doug Batho’s 37 years of bus driving service for Pickford Area Schools- those students who consistently rode the bus to class.

Pickford Lions Club Scholarship Fund Established by the Pickford Lions club and provides scholarships to students from Pickford Schools.

*If you are interested in these scholarships please see your high school counselor for an application.*

Kinross Lions Club John Rogers Scholarship– The Kinross Lions Club is offering this scholarship to a student graduating from Rudyard High School who can demonstrate a moment in their life when they have put someone else’s need in front of their own.

How to Apply: These are awarded at Sault High’s Senior Honors Program in May. Recipients are chosen by the Honors and Scholarship committee made up of faculty and administration. A GPA of at least 3.0 and a completed Senior Activity Sheet are the general criteria for consideration. The specific criteria  for each of the individual scholarships vary. For this reason, GPA, extracurricular activities, leadership and service are weighted differently in the selection of recipients for each of the scholarships awarded. Shortly after Spring Break, the Activity Sheets are available to Seniors.

Bertha V. Knox Memorial Scholarship Fund Established by Bertha Knox’s husband, William D.

Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology– Provides a scholarship to students who complete the Business program through the Sault Area High School Career Center.

Class of 65 Memorial Scholarship Provides a scholarship to a Sault High student who has demonstrated a positive attitude in school, is active in the community, and is a caring “people-oriented” person.

Class of 69 Scholarship– Provides a scholarship to a graduating Sault High senior who is obtaining a higher education within the State of Michigan. Priority will be given to a student whose parent or parents have graduated from Sault Area High School.

College Mutual Benefit Scholarship– Provides a scholarship to a Sault High student who has successfully completed high school and has demonstrated involvement in school related activities during their high school career.

Harvey Ball Memorial Scholarship Fund– Established to provide a scholarship to a Sault High student who plans to major in electronics, electrical engineering or computer sciences.

Heather Clancy Memorial Scholarship– Provides a scholarship to a graduating senior of Sault High who has demonstrated all of the courage and positive attributes that Heather possessed.

Katie Guimond Theater Arts Memorial Scholarship– Established by the Guimond family in memory of their daughter Katie. Provides scholarships to graduating seniors of Sault Area high School who plan to pursue a career in theatre arts.

Kim Rogers Memorial Scholarship – Awarded to a female senior. Consideration may be given to academics, financial need and participation in sports.

Lester and Veronica Crawford Memorial Scholarship– Provides scholarships to Sault High students who have successfully completed high school and have demonstrated involvement in school related activities during their high school career.

Lock City Chapter Izaak Walton Scholarship Fund– Established by the Lock City Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America. Provides educational scholarships for the students of Sault Area Schools who attend a college, university, or vocational trade school, pursuing a degree or certificate in an environmentally related career.

Lucille Sullivan Memorial Scholarship Fund– Provides for two scholarships for Sault High graduating students who have met the requirements of the National Honors Society.

Marcus “Scooter” Andary Memorial Scholarship-Established by the Andary Family in memory of Marcus and provides for a scholarship for a Sault High graduating male or female based on character, academics, leadership, and financial need.

Riverside Medical Scholarship Fund– The Doctors of Riverside Medical have established this fund to provide an annual scholarship to a Sault High graduating senior.

Sault Area Schools Forestry Scholarship Fund Provides scholarships to students graduating from Sault Area High School who plan to major in the field of environmental sciences.

Sault High Loretto Centennial Scholarship– Provides scholarships to two graduates whom by character, personality, and integrity epitomize the virtues desired in young people.

Sault Pride Initially formed 20 years ago to renovate the athletic field. The Coach Herman T. Crane Scholarship and the Coach Dubow Athletic Scholarship are part of this fund.

Sault Rotary Strahl Scholarship Fund– Established by the Sault Rotary Club and provides scholarships to students form Sault Area Schools.

Victor A. Knox Memorial Scholarship Fund– Established by William D. Knox and provides scholarships to senior boys from Sault High School.

Soo High Class of 1968 Chuck Seppala Memorial Scholarship– Started by the class of 1968 in memory of Chuck Seppala.

Rosemary Gaskin Scholarship– Established by Aaron Payment and provides scholarships to Sault Tribe members who attend any institute of higher education, such as college, university or vocational trade school. The fund is named in memory of Rosemary Gaskin for her activism, advocacy, vision, and good works.

Don and Joan Atkins Sportsmanship Scholarship– Established by Joan Atkins in order to provide a monetary award to the youth that receives the Beef Sportsmanship trophy at the Chippewa County fair each year. The trophy is given in memory of Don Atkins, a former Chippewa County Fair Board Member and local farmer.

Ed Hank Memorial Music Scholarship– Established by the family and friends of Ed Hank to provide music scholarships to students in Chippewa County.

George and Anne MacDonald Memorial Scholarship– Established by the family of George and Anne MacDonald to provide educational scholarships to students majoring in an engineering field and reside in the Detour, Les Cheneaux, Pickford, or Rudyard Area School Districts.   Click here to apply…

John C. Frybarger Memorial Scholarship– Established in memory of John C. Frybarger. This fund provides scholarships to Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and/or Transgender students from Chippewa, Mackinaw or Luce County that are pursuing a career in Culinary Trades, Dietitian/Nutrition, Journalism, Literature, Horticulture or attending a vocational or trade school.  Click here to apply…

Old Mission Bank Scholarship– Established by Old Mission Bank. Provides scholarships to students that graduate from a school in the Eastern Upper Peninsula, plan to attend Lake Superior State University and pursue a degree in a field that would be beneficial to banking. The deadline for the Old Mission Bank Scholarship application is May 31. Completed application must be turned in to the Chippewa County Community Foundation office (P.O. Box 1979, Sault Ste Marie, MI  49783 or via email by the deadline. Click here to apply… 

Whitney-Jo Anderson Memorial Dance Scholarship– Established by the friends and family of Whitney-Jo in her memory. Dancing was her passion. Provides one year of dance lessons and costume for a Chippewa County child who is under the age of twelve.