SUP Day – Cardboard Boat Regatta

  • $25.00

Design and build a two-person-powered corrugated cardboard boat that is capable of racing or at least floating. Organize your friends, neighbors or co-workers for an afternoon of fun. Teams of two will compete for fastest race, most creative boat and longest floating boat. All boats must be made prior to the event and from cardboard, duct tape and/or glue. Each team member is allowed one paddle.


• “Speed Boat” fastest boat across the lagoon
• “Most Creative Award” given for best design and use of cardboard – Costumes are encouraged.
• “Titanic Award” given for most notable sinking.

Races start at 11:00am – 4pm. 8:00 am registration day of the event. Space is limited – (Maximum 36 teams). On-line pre-registration is suggested to secure your team’s spot.

• The main purpose of this event is to have fun and safely participate in a cardboard boat race.
• Minimum age of any race participate is twelve (14) years old.
• Two teams will race at the start of each hour (teams that pre-register can pick their times)
• All crew members will be required to sign a liability-release/registration form on race day. Parent or guardian signatures are also required on the registration form for anyone under 18.
• Every crew member must wear a Coast Guard approved and properly fitted personal floatation device while in or on the water. We will provide a PFD. Tennis shoes or water shoes must also be worn.
• Four crew members per boat
• All boats must be on site and signed in one-hour prior to race time.
• The entire boat must be built of corrugated cardboard. Any thickness is allowed.
• The hull cannot be wrapped in plastic, duct tape or shrink wrap.
• Only seams and joints can be taped.
• Boat is powered by canoe paddles, oars or kayak paddles.
• Carpenter’s glue and Liquid Nails work great. Paint must be latex only.
• Be sure to put the name of your boat somewhere on the boat.
• Where the crew sits can not be enclosed; crew must be able to get in and out of boat easily.
• Materials NOT allowed:
o Wood or Styrofoam, plastic sheeting or fiberglass, or rubber inflation devices.
o Pre-treated cardboard that makes it waterproof.
o Tube cardboard cannot be used to strengthen the hull or boat structure.
o Caulking compounds such as silicon, wax , tar or similar waterproofing materials.
o Metal staples, clamps, nails, screws, varnish or polyurethane. Clean up:
• Make sure you have enough crew members to remove your boat from the water at the finish line. Wet cardboard is very heavy.
• If your boat comes apart make sure that all boat materials are removed from the water and you clean your display area of all debris.
• An area will be designated for the discard of boats and materials.
• Rules are subject to change. Promoter’s decision on rule change is final.